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7400 River Road
Richmond, BC, V6X 1X6



Richmond Gymnastics Association - INTERCLUB


Performance with Distinction

This program is an advanced recreational program where selected athletes train intensely to develop their unique skill sets and routines to perform at competitions. The skills developed by an athlete for various events focuses on performance, physical preparation and their unique personality. Interclub athletes might train between 4 to 9 hours a week depending on their physical ability and age. All Interclub athletes must have the intention to AND participate in at least 2 local meets a season.

What is the difference between Interclub and Firecrackers/Dynamite?

The Firecrackers/Dynamite program follow the Competitive program guidelines and they can be a steppingstone to the WAG/MAG (competitive) program.  Interclub is not a competitive developmental program. Athletes intending to join this program generally-
- Want to freely set their own personal goals in terms of skill achievement
- Want to have a structured training regimen while working towards an end goal be in terms of skills or competition
- Want to compete with confidence to showcase their strengths and skills
- Foster a positive team environment

How can I join this program?

Athletes (both girls and boys) can participate in this program only by invitation and must be reassessed for enrollment on a year to year basis. For the 2019-20 season, the training commitment is from September to June. Registration to be completed by August 2019.

Requirements and categories of Interclub program

Experience, work ethic, age, attitude, and skills assessment determine participation/continued participation in the relevant category. Athletes intending to join this program must have completes minimum 2 sessions of recreational program training at RGA or have previous Interclub experience.

Based on assessment or experience, athletes will be invited to train as per the following schedule:

Interclub 4 (IC4)
Age: 6+ years
Training hours: 4 – 6 hours per week, 2-3 days a week
Training days: Monday & Thursday: 5 - 7 pm
Wednesday & Friday: 5 - 7 pm

Interclub 6 (IC6)
Age: 9+ years
Training hours: 6-9 hours per week, 2-3 days a week
Training days: Monday & Thursday: 5 - 8 pm
Wednesday & Friday: 5 - 8 pm

Interclub 9 (IC9)
Age: 9+ years (based on skill level)
Training hours: 9 hours per week, 3 days a week

Registration opens TUESDAY JULY 23. Please contact the office - for registration information and details.