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Parent Participation Plan

Parent Participation Plan

Participation by the members of the community has always been an integral part in the functioning of Richmond Gymnastics Association. RGA is non-profit society registered with the BC Societies and is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. RGA has a history of invaluable volunteer contribution and every single bit counts in a big way. We would not have been where we are today without the support of these members and it is only imperative that we continue this spirit.

What is this plan:

This plan is to invite support from the community including family members of athletes who train with us. The involvement assists RGA in providing exceptional programs in a professional, affordable manner while ensuring that you stay connected with the organization that gives an opportunity of participation in the sport that your child invests so much time in. The involvement makes a positive effect on your child while building a strong, constructive, beneficial environment within the association.

How can you support:

Every family structure and time availability/commitment is different. As a ‘contributing member’ there are many volunteer opportunities that you can participate in considering your interests, strengths, time constraints etc. The support tasks have been included to offer as much flexibility as possible so that the tasks do not fall on only a few members of the club. Please sign up as soon as you can since spots are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Parent participation hours can be gained by getting involved in the tasks:

  •  Marketing/promotion
    - Year-end show committee (June 2020)
    - Participation in marketing events when the Association signs up for any
    - Monthly newsletter
    - Sponsorships

  •  Fundraising committee (details below)
    - Spearheading/organizing fundraising programs approved by the Association. There are numerous opportunities available at a seasonal level and year-round.

  • Gym set up/cleaning (details below)
    - Equipment set up – scheduled July 2019
    - Pit cleaning (summer 2019 July/August)
    - Deep cleaning twice a year
    - General cleaning once a month
    - Laundry

  • Gym special projects
    - Repairs, special cleaning such as chairs, trophies etc, and other duties as planned

  • Decoration committee
    - liven up the gym and specific areas such as kitchen/birthday room and general parent viewing area

How does it work?
1. Anybody can help; No task is too small. If you have a field of expertise that could benefit the gym that our kids train at, bring it on!!! Any parent of a registered athlete can help.

2. The majority of responsibility rests on parents of athletes in the Competitive program since these athletes use the gym the most-

- Parent submits a deposit (single/multi-child) at the time of registration.
- Parent Participation Commitment (PPC) fee deposit is equal to an athlete’s ONE month’s training fee. Hours of commitment is equal to TWO times an athlete’s training hours per week. Eg: if an athlete trains 16 hours a week, the ‘hour commitment’ is = 32 hours in the season. 
- Adjustments are made to multi child family (only for each additional child/ren) as follows:

o   Deposit fee for each additional child = half of one-month training fee (whichever is lower) o   Hours of commitment = training hours (whichever is lower)
o   Hour commitment completed for first child (whichever is higher) can be claimed for refund or credit for next year.
o   Maximum number of particpation hours per family is 50.

- Parent Participation Commitment (PPC) fee will not be prorated for refund or credit.
- The PPC hours must be completed in full within the training season before May 31, 2020 to be eligible for a refund or credit towards the next year. Account will be charged for incomplete commitment by June 5, 2020.
- Any excess volunteer hours in a given training year do not carry over to the following year.
- If an athlete withdraws from the program within 30 days of registration, 50% of the PPC deposit will be refunded.  If an athlete withdraws after 30 days of registration, the PPC deposit is non-refundable unless all commitment hours are completed prior to the last training day of training.
- If an athlete joins the Program after start of session, the Commitment Hours will be determined at the discretion of RGA.

 How can you sign up?

RGA attempts to send emails on a regular basis on new activities that may keep getting added to the task list. And you can sign up in the following ways:

- By putting your name down on the bulletin board for the tasks
- By writing in to and expressing interest

It is the responsibility of each family to record their detailed report of Participation Hours, every 3 months, in the Parent Participation Commitment Log book at the office. This simply helps you and us keep track of hours and reconcile them at the end of the year.

Parent Participation Commitment (PPC) FAQ’s

Ques 1 - When do we have to submit the deposit for the Parent Participation Commitment?
Ans - The deposit is payable at the time of registration. I.e. The bank account will be charged with the rest of the fee due in July 2019. If you want to pay by cheque, please advise.

Ques 2 - Can we opt out of the Parent Participation Program?
Ans - Yes- you can opt-out. For parents with more than one child training in program, we can plan the PPC opt out fee in installments if you choose. We can come up with a personal plan as long as it can be settled within a couple of months. I.e. July and August. And if you want more consideration, we can plan that out as well.

Ques 3 - Can I decide to opt out later in the year?
Ans - No-you have to opt out at the time of registration so that we are able to gauge the number of parents who will participate.

Ques 4 - What if I opt out, and want to participate?
Ans - Yes- you can opt out and still choose to participate should you change your mind later. If you would like to claim your participation, please note your hours. Once the hours are completed, RGA will be able to return the deposit to you at the end of the training year or credit it for next year- whatever you choose.


Fundraising is a major component of Parent Participation. Fundraising activities are an important source of income for a non-profit and essential to the fiscal viability of our programs that are offered to the community at large. Multiple fundraisers are scheduled to run in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Per athlete there is a commitment of $60 of profit. A parent may choose to opt out of the fundraising activities and pay the full amount at the start of the year OR participate in our program. The charges will be processed June 5, 2020 or at another date depending on the last scheduled fundraising activity.

RGA has scheduled the following fundraising activities in the past with success.
Purdy’s, WestCoast Seeds, Sue’s Jerky, Poinsettia, frozen foods, bottle drive… and we hope to continue with the same… and much more! We welcome ideas and initiation in taking this up…