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RGA - Minor Consent Form

Richmond Gymnastics Association - Minor Consent Form

Name of Child *
Name of Child
Name of Parent *
Name of Parent
I have reviewed the description(s) of the Richmond Gymnastics Association program(s) that my Child is/will be eligible to participate for up to 12 months after the date indicated under my signature below, and I have sufficiently informed myself about the nature of this/these program(s) and the activities involved. I also acknowledge that if I am uncertain about any of the risks associated, it is my responsibility to inform myself of those risks prior to signing this form. I assume these risks and waive notice of all conditions, dangers, or otherwise, relating to the use of the facilities and equipment at Richmond Gymnastics Association.
I understand that my child and all other participants in gymnastics programs are expected to be respectful towards the staff, volunteers, other students, and equipment at Richmond Gymnastics Association. Participants are expected to follow the directions of their instructors, to perform gymnastics skills safely when given permission, to be aware of their surroundings, and to not leave the gym or premises without obtaining the instructor’s consent. If instructors see that these rules are not met and the participant is not acting safely, instructors will first discuss the issue with their parents/guardians. If the breach of rules escalates, RGA may require the participant to withdraw. I acknowledge that I have made these rules clear with my child.
By signing below, I hereby consent to my Child’s participation in gymnastics programs at Richmond Gymnastics Association over the 12 month period following the date indicated under my digital signature below, on the terms and conditions set out above.
Digital Signature of Parent / Legal Guardian *
Digital Signature of Parent / Legal Guardian
Date *
I acknowledge that photos and video footage may be taken by RGA staff for promotional use including but not limited to, their website, brochures, and advertisements. I consent to promotional use of photos and video of my child.
Digital Signature of Parent / Legal Guardian
Digital Signature of Parent / Legal Guardian
Date 1
Date 1