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Terms and Conditions

Recreational Program:

  • Anyone who participates in any program at RGA must be a member of our Association and GymnasticsBC.

  • Annual registration & membership fee (which includes the GymnasticsBC and Gymnastics Canada fee) is due at time of registration.
    Please click here to pay your fees prior to completing your program registration.

  • Waiver form needs to be signed by parents/guardians for their ward to participate in classes at RGA.

  • Recreational program runs in 3 sessions – Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan – March) and Spring (April-June)

  • Classes schedules may be re-organised depending on registration numbers. If a program cancellation is necessary, you will be notified by RGA to find a suitable replacement class or program fees will be fully refunded.

  • The coach is at liberty to end a class up to 5 minutes early to accommodate transition to the next class.

  • There are no make-up sessions for classes cancelled owing to circumstances out of RGA’s control.

  • Class fee may be prorated should the class you want to join has already started and you have missed 2 lessons. If class is cancelled for other reasons, RGA will attempt to find a suitable replacement class.

  • Participants in all programs are expected to be socially and emotionally capable of conducting themselves appropriately with their peers and leaders. Participant should be able to actively participate in all scheduled activities of the program.

  • Participants who do not demonstrate these abilities, may be required to withdraw from the program.

  • All participants should abide by the Athlete Code of Conduct and it is imperative that the parent/guardian abode by Parent Code of Conduct.

Competitive (WAG/MAG)/High School/Team-Interclub Program:

  • Annual registration & membership fee is due at time of registration.

  • This program is a 10-12 month program and the monthly fee is payable within the first 5 days of the month via bank direct debit.

  • Extra 5% transaction fee is applicable should you choose to pay the fee by credit/debit card.

  • This program is by assessment/invitation only.

  • The coach finalizes the number of hours/days of training of athlete.

  • Please stick to your scheduled days of training. The scheduled days of training are determined by the coach.

  • If the coach recommends a change in training hours, the change will become effective with the additional/reduced fee without any extra admin fee.

  • Should the family request a change in training hours, adjustment will be subject to $25 admin fee. If there is a decrease in training hours is requested, one month’s written notice is required. This decrease is still subject to a one-month training fee at originally set training hours.

  • The number of competitions that the athlete will participate in the season is at the discretion of the coach.

  • For every competition fee that is charged by the host club, an extra $10 is charged by RGA to cover part-expenses of the coach accompanying the athletes.

  • For some competitions, there may be large travel expenses for the coach. These expenses are equally divided amongst the participating athletes and notification will be issued for their bank account to be debited.

  • Registration for the upcoming season will not be accepted unless all outstanding fee has been settled.

Refunds, Withdrawl, Non-payment / Arrears

Recreational program:

  • RGA will not allow anybody to participate in class if fee has not been paid.

  • If a member cancels before the first day of classes, 70% of the class fee will be refunded.

  • If a member withdraws after the first day of classes, and atleast 4 days before the next class, 70% of the pro-rated balance will be credited towards the next session.

  • No refunds or credits will be issued after the 3rd class, except for medical reasons in which case a doctor's note must be provided.

  • There will be a $50.00 service charge for NSF cheques and/or decline on 2nd attempt to process credit card payments.

  • A $15.00 fee will be charged for transferring from one class to another.

  • RGA/GBC annual registration/membership fee is non-refundable.

  • If a parent registers for more than one class for the same child, and requests refund for one, i.e 3 weeks before the start of new session, the fees of extra class booked, minus the transaction costs, will be refunded via cheque.

  • Parents who rely on Kidsport, Canadian Tire Jumpstart or any other financial assistance are encouraged to apply for assistance well in advance. If support is delayed for any reason, parents can still register their child in class of their choice to avoid disappointments. The tuition fee received later from the support organization, will be credited for the future classes.

  • Registration for the upcoming season will not be accepted unless all outstanding fee has been settled.

Competitive (WAG/MAG)/High School/Team-Interclub Program:

  • Withdrawals only apply to training fees. A request must be submitted in writing to accompanied by the appropriate proof. The request will be assessed based on the day it is received in the office in writing. Withdrawal requests are accepted for the following:

    • Medical reason with a doctor’s note

    • Permanent relocation from the municipality with proof presented

    • An academic challenge with a teacher’s note

  • Once the request is accepted, the withdrawal is subject to one-month training fees, based on the starting/ amended training fee rate (whichever is higher) from the date the documentation was received by the office AND once the athlete has ceased to attend training classes. Parent participation hours/fundraising commitment will also be calculated until the time of athlete ceases to attend classes.

  • If there is an injury, accompanied by a doctor’s note, leave of absence from training may be granted. The monthly fee will not be deducted from the account until the athlete resumes training again. Doctor’s note should specify the duration of leave of absence and the time frame for follow up, if any check-up or update is required.

Harassment and Bullying Policy

RGA prides itself in providing a positive, inclusive and an understanding space for training and work. That is why RGA is committed to providing and sustaining an environment that has respect and dignity for athletes, coaches, parents and employees/contractors. It is only together that we can work towards providing the best for our athletes and staff so that they are supported in achieving their highest potential.

There is zero tolerance to bullying and harassment at RGA and this applies to all members including and not limited to athletes, coaches, volunteers, parents, directors and employees of RGA. You are encouraged to report incidents to the office immediately email: Most investigations take place internally, and are dealt with promptly and diligently, while being fair, sensitive and impartial.

Privacy Policy

RGA adheres to the GymnasticsBC privacy policy.

Safety and Health Policy

RGA understands that we have the responsibility for the safety and welfare of all its participants, and any visitors to the club. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us that we exhibit a ‘duty of care’ that requires adherence to a standard of reasonable care. In the field of providing services in the sport of Gymnastics, this duty extends over many areas including the

  • Provision of a safe environment

  • Safe development of athletes

  • Provision of suitable first aid support and emergency procedures

RGA reserves the right to remove any participant from class should the supervising coach report that the athlete is not participating due to fever, cough, excessive itching due to rash or lice and any other symptoms/illness that might be contagious and harmful to others. The parent/guardian will be called and asked to take their child home.